Yes, you read that correctly, in Abylight's new release "Fish'em All!™" for WiiWare arriving in America next Monday, 8 th June there is a mode that allows you to fill up a tube with fish, match the colors the fish go poof, fill the tube...and "Game Over".

The WiiWare title is for one or two players, has three different game modes - Challenge, Arcade, and, you guessed it, Fishtris!

Playing in Challenge mode allows you to unlock new stages, that you can then play in two-player mode. Arcade mode is a competitive race against the clock, old school coin-op flavored, beat the high score fun fest. Don't forget to put that strap around your wrists folks, broken windows are a pain to replace and explain to insurance adjusters.

I foresee an awful lot of time being used to find new and interesting ways of feeding the characters to the shark, dragon, a few spiders. Call me unstable, but though feeding your character to the enemy is not the goal of the game, that looks like a very fun part of the visuals.

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Thursday, June 4, 2009

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  1. Webbielady Says:
  2. Archade mode would be really exciting i guess and it would be a great challenge to the players.

    I am really learning here as I see your posts with regards very interesting games that are present around and I am IGNORANT of!


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