We've got a lot of games here to take a look at, and we don't want to miss a single one of any genre or platform. Sometimes though, that's simply not possible, and among those we do review we've decided to "standardize" (which still means it's subject to change in the blink of an eye) our rating guide.

Criteria we examine:

Storyline (if applicable)
Graphics (Visual Appeal)
Modes of Play (Multiplayer / singleplayer / online, arcade,
Cross-Platform multiplayer, etc.)
Cost versus Value (Also known as the "If you can barely afford to buy it, then tack
on subscription, additional upgrade / addon costs don't bother"
Sound / Dialogue
Control Tuning
Miscellanious (Reserved for anything and everything else we forgot to put
Support (If you're Customer Support wouldn't pass a Turing Test, prepare
to get slammed)

Criteria we do not examine:

~ ESRB Rating : SPVG believes that the ESRB rating system is a guide only. We don't approve of retail outlets that refuse to carry certain games based on their rating alone and we don't intend to allow the ESRB rating to dissuade us from making and promoting our own opinion. In the spirit of using the ESRB system as a guide, we will publicize the assigned rating for a specific game when it's awarded.

~ Sponsored / Paid reviews : Per the SPVG Disclosure Policy, link in the Home menu, our reviews are the honest opinions of our reviewers based on their actual gameplay and experience with a product. If, coincidentally, an advertisement from our third party advertising source runs concurrently with our review of the same product or game, rest assured, that is beyond our control and does not nor will ever influence our opinions.

It's easy to see that there is leeway and subjectivity in our ranking system, and we don't apologize for that. If we think a game sucks, as far as we're concerned, it does. We openly encourage debate on this and of our reviews and may edit our reviewing system or criteria based on multiple factors, not least of which being available technology for video game consumers.

Each point we measure, will be awarded a visual value, the "Pew!" Cause in l33tsp3ak, m0r3 Pews is m0r3 g00d3r. We're gamers, we know this. Then, the average number of Pews for each game is tallied and an overall level of geeked-out gaming goodness is awarded.

Thus:Not so great.

And: Much better.

We want your feedback, ideas, suggestions, so drop us a comment and we'll consider your criteria in reviewing games / products!

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Monday, June 29, 2009


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