FUEL is going to blow your mind when it launches Friday June 5th for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® with a Games For Windows® edition to follow. Grab a FUEL injection by downloading gameplay videos at www.fuel-game.com.

If you're a racing game fan, want real time day/night, and weather effects that would make Dorothy run screaming to her Auntie 'Em - then FUEL is going to be right up your alley.

Seventy, count'em, seventy different vehicles to race and unlock spread out across buggies, dragsters, off-road bikes, cars, trucks, on-road bikes and quads. Toto never stood a chance. Just take a look-see at IceBreaker, "Ice Road" truckers eat your hearts out.

Generally speaking, I'm not much for racing, I am pretty sure that NASCAR is a funny acronym for something with four left turns. ( I feel the love now, thanks) The arcade type competition though in FUEL is enough to get any couch-bound double clutching geek excited. Sometimes you just have to tear crap apart under wheels. That cow-catcher on the front of IceBreaker, well, the entire look is gritty and sweet. Exactly what we want in an post-Apocalyptic, top of the mountain to bottom of the canyon race game. Oh, and yeah, the FUELgirls, did I forget to mention them, well, turn up the sound (NSFW) and hit the link.

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Friday, June 5, 2009


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