Two "r"'s in that name folks..makes me just want to roll it off my tongue, with a "rrrrrrr" sound effect.

Latest word is, Alison Carroll, the latest human incarnation of everyones favorite Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is still single! Oh wait, that does me no good, I'm still overly geeky and not single, c'est la vie.

"Tomb Raider: Underworld" or Tomb Raider 8, for those keeping track, is the eighth, (good guess!) game in the 'Tomb Raider' series, released in November 2008.

No one says that Alison is "only" Lara Croft, far from it. (Yes, that is a jab at the editors of AskMen for their snotty little low rating, total objectification of this lovely and well-rounded professional, and dismissal with a paltry numeric "rating") A gymnast from the age of seven, she's spending six days a week in the gym, when she can. I need that dedication.

Life Is An Art, directed by Jayant Harnam will show us more of Alison, since it's now officially in post-production, where she is in the role of Clare Jones. Now out, as of 6 Jun, is Doghouse, zombies AND Alison Carroll. Oh yeah, there are some other guys in it. Whovians can never get enough of everyones new-favorite tin dog, "It's always about Him, isn't it?" Mickey Smith, aka Noel Clarke. Actually Noel, this time, it's all about her, Alison Carroll. Poor guy, he just can't win.

Alison is also in, The Kid, by director Nick Moran, which recently headed into post-production as well.

For your Alison Carroll fix, check out her official page at, and thank you Alison for keeping Lara Croft fresh, energetic and vibrant!


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