No one, ever, will mess with our Hottie of the Week for this week, not while she's swinging that battle-axe! It's our benevolent ruler Pansy Warrior Princess!

In case you live under a rock, Pansy Warrior Princess is a comedy/video game review series. Pansy, from her throne room, discusses her peeves, pleasures, thoughts on recent video games, and answers viewer questions. In addition to creating videos filled with comedy, special effects, and animation, she hosts a live show on stickam every Wed-Sun at 7PM PST.

Really, how many of us have wanted to split the skull of a moron in front of us holding up the line at the local Quickie Mart? Yup, all of us, come on admit it. Play the video again, you know you want to.

Oh, and apparently, I have some fascination with redheads. I admit it, redheads are the awesome-sauce and Pansy Warrior Princess is right at the top of our Hotties of the Week (add reverb sound effects while you say that, it's cooler that way).

***Due to the editor and purveyor (hah, I said purveyor) of all things geek, I totally screwed up Pansy's cast, it's


  1. Webbielady Says:
  2. That's a new thing for me. The image up there is so good that i did not expect it to be a comedy vid but a very serious and intense one.

    I love that image up there, it seems burning with intensity. The color combo is really amazing plus the charatcter is female... I do love it!

  3. Gantwick Says:
  4. Pansy is the Hottest of the hothouse flowers!!!

    Her show is on Stickcam now, BTW

  5. Ah, me fix (hangs editorial head in shame) :)

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Hey Hottie of the week

    Keep the dragons in the dungeon and keep the castle clean. Even hotties do castle work!!!
    Like dusting battlements, and polishing the moat.

  8. photo2010 Says:
  9. Congrats Pansy! Raising a Mug O'Mead to ye !


  10. Joe Says:
  11. Pansy isn't hottie of the week! She's hottie of the millennium!

  12. Congratulations Pansy! I love watching your show on Stickam and annoying you ever once in a while!


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