Recently, the torrent search site, went offline thanks to harassment, in part, from the CRIA. We're really glad to see their efforts to get back up and running paying off.

This, from their website:

September 26


The site will return as soon as possible, but there was a problem that caused data loss and the person who can help us get the data back is not able to help at this moment. The site will return when we can get his help

A loss of a some months worth of activity including registered users and torrent submissions is to be expected because the backup we are hoping to get back is not up to date, so please be prepared for it

Good luck guys!

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Oh yeah, we've been just horribly, terribly, unforgivably not keeping up with our CyberGeek Hottie of the Week / Month / Whatever.

Geek Girl Diva to the rescue, as she puts up a cleavage shot for a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness.

It is terribly unfortunate that I couldn't make it to SDCC for their signing, and early on, I threatened GGD with being suckered into the spotlight of Hottie of the Week.

Now, without warning! She's it, *tag*.

(Though if I could still get her in a Star Trek skirt and draped across that Enterprise Captain's chair, well, the wife would shoot me, but might be worth the bullet) *wink wink nudge nudge*

Oh yes, and, though tongue in cheek, is serious business, do check their site out, buy some merchandise, throw it on the bumper or whatever.

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Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Thursday, September 24, 2009 0 comments,, and (collectively we'll call them have taken a "First Strike" stance with the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA).

Recently, under threats from the CRIA, first went offline (maintenance) and then came back up, though they had to block searchers from their own country of Canada, and now seem to still be a little bit on the shaky side as to availability.

Since Gary Fung, the admin for has now sworn an affadavit that does not violate the Copyright Act and has, in fact consistently complied with demands by the CRIA to remove trackers from it's search engine that the CRIA has indicated are not authorized for internet distribution by their clients, the ball is now in the hands of the CRIA.

ISOHunt Petition to the Court

They get to try and explain to the Courts how a search-engine, that stores no files that violate copyright, is breaking the law. That's kind of like telling the local public library that they are in violation of copyright law if they maintain a copy machine in their building, though no one may have ever used the copier in an illegal manner. Last we checked, and we don't want to besmirch the efficacy of the Canadian Courts, the plaintiff does have to prove that a law has been broken.

The Petition to the Courts for injunctive relief from harassment by is pure poetry, music to our ears, and overdue. Not every file, though we won't pretend that some may, belongs to the RIAA, MPAA, CRIA, BRIEN, or any of their members / clients.

If, they'd like proof of that, then I'd like to point out the fact that Aeria Games (sorry for pulling you into this guys, your certainly not by yourselves) distributes their software clients for games by bittorrent. Are companies that distribute their own product by torrent to be denied the ability to use this excellent technology? Can the CRIA not be bothered to take the time to point out the files they wish removed that specifically pertain to them? Because of this need for the CRIA to not be bothered with trivialities like providing proof of copyright violation are they entitled to shut down entire search engines, websites (probably blogs next) to protect their profit margins?

Grant isoHunt, it's sister sites and all others similar in scope this injunction against unlawful harassment. Maybe when the CRIA's lawyers stop being paid exorbitant sums (relative to a blog editor, I can assure you of that) the retail prices of entertainment can go down in proportion and the economy might start recovering earlier.

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Geek Girl Diva is thinking about a possible contest, geeky goodness galore, and a little alliteration from moi.

Check out her ideas hereand let her know what you think!

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Hopefully, the above video will not be taken off of YouTube anytime soon. Comments have been disabled for the video directly on YouTube, but, all "three" of my readers (Hi Mom!) can comment here. Thank goodness for backups. Fair warning, if you haven't noticed already, it has absolutely nothing to do with, directly, our usual geeky fare of video games, etc.

The video does however, touch directly on the area of free speech and the effort being made by some to stem it when it goes against their ideology.

I believe, that free speech is a non-partisan aspect of the United States, after all, it is a part of the Constitution.

Sitting here, before I wrote this, I wanted to have my facts entirely straight concerning the officer featured prominently in the video. We telephoned the Baton Rouge Police Department, were given a direct number to the Sergeant in charge of "Media Relations" and unfortunately had to leave a message. In the message, we gave, as best we could, the link for the video and the request for the officers name to go along with our article, and precisely what statutes and authority (because we're certainly not going to second guess) the officer had utilized to contravene the Bill of Rights.

Large organizations, whether they be the MPAA, RIAA, (which we have frequently discussed here) MediaSentry, or non-governmental organizations like ACORN (with budgets of 100 million US$ annually) need to not believe they can trample upon the rights of every US citizen.

MediaSentry, specifically, gathers information without the license of the Private Protective Bureaus of several states. We should know, they've been blocked by our computers, but they often knock.

The RIAA employed MediaSentry in their anti-piracy efforts, then smartly canned them. We're pretty sure where we know the MPAA sits on suing people for 675,000 US$ at a pop, that's a matter of public record.

We're certain, that at some point along the line, we'll be labeled as "Right Wing Extremists" and totted up with others on some half-secret tax payer sponsored government report. Cool beans if we do.

We'll remain there, until the Constitution is treated with the respect it deserves or an ammendment is made banning free speech. When that happens our IP will be coming from somewhere else.

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Those crazy plumbers and goofy dinosaur must have finally pushed too far, and now, it looks like they are gonna pay for their "Bloop bloop bloop, bloop bloopa loop'ing" transgressions.
Desktop Nexus: Wallpapers > Video Game Wallpapers > Mario Wallpaper

Nice job to the artist, Caylee Huckabay, this is my new wallpaper :)

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Ok, so we had an oopsie. One of our providers decided to just unceremoniously dump our files, tres uncool.

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Yes, we are horribly and some say, unreasonably, critical of these companies that work hard to provide us safe, fun video game entertainment.

We believe though, that it is unreasonable to release a product that if it were an automobile would certainly be recalled for safety concerns, to the public for consumption.

Online gaming is a "Booming" marketplace, many are jumping into the "gold rush" of profits to be made by crossing digital toys with physical ones you can pick up at your nearby toy store. Nothing however, destroys a kid's (or a big kid's) enjoyment of a game when it's infrastructure can't deliver.

No, we're not just picking on Nanovor, we love the game around here, but we want to see it better before it goes much farther towards the, "Great game Joe, but I could never log in.", road.

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I hated giving up my Phase Stormer 2.0, the basis for achieving the newest Nanovor, the Phase Spiker 1.0, but, it had to be done.

A word of caution, if you don't want to see spoilers about how to gain the Phase Spiker, stop reading now.


Ok, you were warned!


First off, obviously, you'll need to take your Phase Stormer 1.0, gained as a random badge reward, or via Booster Packs bought using the currency of, nanocash. Noticing a trend in too.

Evolve the Phase Stormer 1.0 into it's 2.0 version,
using the following Evolution Formula:

These are easy enough to find, the basic ones, in the - Nanolog

From the Phase Stormer 2.0, things become more involved, as you must discover "Doc Zap's" secrets in the first puzzle that has thrown out. Figuring this part out, garners you a new badge and unlocks the evolution tree to your new goal.

Again, the Nanolog is your friend, use it, read it, the clues and information are all there to gain your new Nanovor, as well as various ideas on badges that are easy to achieve and allow you to enjoy the game even more.

Now, figuring out the combination of the exact four EM's to place in the correct order to gain the Phase Striker 1.0, that's a bit more of a pain. Honestly it takes long enough to go through the process of gaining the badge and evolving up to that point. Remember, I'm the old guy playing video games here, I've only *cough cough* got so much *cough cough* energy to keep up with you kids :P.

Here's a huge hint though: 1V1 | 1H4 | 1H4 | 1V1 | 1H5

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If you're into Nanovor, and goodness knows the kids are loving it and the commercials that are splattered all over Cartoon Network, then you'll want to know about this guy.

He's an uncommon Nanovor, and like his Circuit Flyer 2.0 variation has the dodge ability, and for my energy, that's one of the best overrides in the entire game. The Circuit Flyer's dodge is a whopping 25%, the highest so far of any Nanovor and a real tide turner in a fight.

The EM's you need to evolve your 2.0 into it's 3.0 progeny are on the right side of the image. Have fun!

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If you've ever wondered what on earth makes your comp go more than a bit nuts sometimes, maybe you're infected with Nanovor.

That's definitely what Smith and Tinker want you to think, and now their commercials have hit Cartoon Network and the toys are flying off the shelves. A quick check at Amazon showed only three of one type left, and another sold out. Is a CN cartoon series far away, in the vein of Bakugan, Pokemon, Chaotic? We'll see, for now, there are nine small episodes on their website for you to check out.

Fan sites have mushroomed, a notable one being Nanovor101, with it's own forum for arranging trades, battles, and sharing evolution information.

So, we of course had to set up a "Guardian / Parent" account and throw the game to our test group of kids. They love the splatters, that was the second thing out of their mouths, right after, "Umm, gee, this is kinda slow, what's happening?"

That is the largest issue for Nanovor so far, either their infrastructure is really strained and showing it from a huge influx of players, or they're suffering from seriously poor planning, and that's showing in performance.

Special thanks go out to "pokemon37dmk", a Nanovor user that gave me a bit of help testing out some things, good luck in the game.

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