Bless La Quadrature du Net who posted this picture in response to the recent decision.

We reported on the Creation and Internet Bill being pushed into law by French legislators. The Creation and Internet Bill was being touted as the "Internet Three Strikes" Bill, and entertainment industry gestapo, like the RIAA were reportedly very happy and excitedly pushing this Bill forward as a victory for Digital Rights Management, copyright protection, and a failure for torrent sites, providers of torrents and other varieties of bootleg material available on Peer to Peer networks. Nevermind that there are legitimate, legal and honest uses for such sharing of files.

Following on the heels of the recent decision by Swedish courts against The Pirate Bay, things were looking pretty glum. Now, no one here, at SPVG is gonna be heard promoting, aggrandizing, or otherwise playing sides with people who illegally share files, so quit gearing up to take us on.

What you will hear us expound upon, sometimes at great length, is what the French government finally got into their heads: The Creation and Internet Bill was found un-Constitutional. WHOOHOOO!! Yay, so, there you have it folks. They tossed it out like yesterdays garbage, and it IS just that, garbage.

Today, the French Constitutional Council has ruled that the law, dubbed the The Creation and Internet bill is unconstitutional and violates the Declaration of 1789. The declaration says that all parties are innocent until proven guilty. The three strikes law would force customers to prove their own innocence.

Supporters of the Bill, are presumably squelching the devil out of this news while they played up it's passage on network television, news broadcasts and press conferences. Funny, the reversal of the Bill has been not heard much, yet. Pushes to use the Bill's passage as precedent in other EU countries were openly made, even brash mention of it gaining respectability in the US was heard. Innocent until proven guilty, a good French start. Perhaps now this decision, it's reversal, will be used as a precedent in other EU countries against similarly contrived anti-consumer measures.

Only one thing to say to all that:

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Saturday, June 13, 2009


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