For fun, I headed over to innergeek: a Place for Geeks to take the geek test. Fairly certain I'd score well, well meaning I'm a geek like Pinnochio fears termites.

When I got to the questions about what you read / have read, I wondered who was looking over my shoulder, or hiding in my bathroom. When I saw the use of the term THACO, I laughed, couldn't be helped. Spellchecks shouldn't even throw THACO out, that's a legit word like "Dammit Jim!" is a catch-phrase.

i am an extreme geek

So yeah, I scored "extreme geek", I can live with that, as more geekiness shall come with age and wise delving into the arcane geek arts.

Check out the geek test, and see how you stack up.
- Signed, Erelas RyAlcar GO/IT/AT d-- s: a C++++ >U++ P L+ E W+++ N+ o K++ w+ O---- M V PS+ PE++ Y+++ PGP++ t+ 5++ X+++ R++ tv b++++ DI++++ D++ G++ e* h--- r+++ y+ @z++++**

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Thursday, June 18, 2009


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