I have now proudly been labeled "unprofessional" by Today.com. I began the process of severing my publishing relationship with them, inquired as to the precise means by which I should retain the rights to my already published work, which is an open option at Today.com, and was booted out of their forums before the question was answered and without a response to my e-mail request.

A second e-mail was fired off, in response to being "locked out" of the system, to which the "Today.com Support" member relayed to me that I had behaved in an unprofessional manner. Maybe they didn't like that I deleted the content from my blog that they were making money off of. As we speak, I'm still on their Top Ten list in Gaming, even with no articles.

Well, I have some information, I'll give it freely to Today.com, stop changing your agreement with your bloggers every five seconds and you might retain someone. Expunging your forums of anyone that disagrees with anything at all Today.com does is not the way to grow a social blogging community.

On the off chance that someone associated with Today does see this, I am about to use my editorial rights to be incredibly unprofessional, so shield your eyes.

Oh, I have never received any form of compensation from Today.com, other than they hosted my blog and ran ads all over it (and by the way, the blogger has zero say in what ads are shown). Today.com does not require that a blogger keep their posts, not edit them after publication, or anything at all. So, that e-mailed remark about "deleted before being able to compensate you" is rubbish. At this point though, I realize you probably need that $5.00 or so, hang on to it with my regards.

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Monday, May 25, 2009

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  1. DS Says:
  2. LOL! I had my personal blog on blogspot, then decided to try them out and exported it onto their blog. Once I realized I could earn more readers and gain more money elsewhere (they are very totalitarian on what could be, yet plaster my work with loads of adsense) I tried to export the posts. Their export program isn't even compatible with other blog hosts!

    Thankfully my stay was brief- I only published about 10 posts, and the stuff I exported was still saved in blogspot (thou I deleted it). I promptly copied my new stuff over with the old, deleted all content on today, but my last post. A post that basically said Fcuk you Today! And left. I miss the PR 2 I lost but I didn't really work that hard for it while it was on there, so I'll get it back :) So much work for no return that place was.


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