On my way back to Freaky Creatures, after a long absence, I ran into their announcement concerning their new association with the ">Starlight Children's Foundation. Loving kids even before I had one of my own, I immediately headed over to check things out.
Now, a little personal history here, once upon a time, when I actually worked for a living, I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Lee Curtis. Long story short, she was at the studio where I was working fiming Virus. She was very personable and (actually complimented me on my professionalism) impressed me no end with how she cared for and loved her kids. She insisted that a little playground for them be situated near her trailer, her kids were with her while she worked. I also distinctly remember her sweeping me with a Scorpion Machine-Pistol. Ahh, good times, good times. Yes, I did have an extraordinary job.
The reason I bring up all that personal nonsense is that Mrs. Curtis is the spokesperson for the Starlight Children's Foundation. I have an entertainment interest in Freaky Creatures, they have teamed up with Starlight, and Mrs. Curtis (who holds my deep respect as a Mom) is associated as well, this article just seemed kismet.

So, the partnership between Starlight and FC is pretty simple. From the press release: "Every time you buy a Freaky Creatures product, part of the purchase price goes to the Starlight Foundation. These contributions help provide for the comprehensive programs offered by the Starlight Foundation, such as: arranging family outings and activities, providing in-hospital entertainment, setting up in-hospital play rooms, and creating educational programming to help children understand common medical procedures."

Do the Starlight Children's Foundation a good turn, and gift a child you know, or yourself, with a Freaky Creatures product. It's a fun game and if Mrs. Curtis recommends Starlight, then I feel they've already been personally vetted for me. She's a great Mom.

You can also donate directly to the Starlight Children's Foundation by simply visiting their website, but we are, after all, focusing here on video games and gamers.

*Now, in the interest of full-disclosure, I don't get jack for saying these things, except a personal warm fuzzy*

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Saturday, May 23, 2009


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