If you're not familiar with the Frag Dolls, UbiSofts's team of female gamers, it's time for a good old /facepalm. You've missed out on their promotion of the presence of the fairer sex in gaming and denied yourself the pleasure of probably being fragged by someone that you wish you had the guts to talk to.
If you want to, and you probably do, see more of all of the Frag Dolls, head over to their site, for links to their blogs, updates on who may be the newest Frag Doll, more photos, and tell Rhoulette I fawn hopelessly over her (hopelessly cause I'm married and she's got beter things to do :P). Now, since she's studied cultural anthropology and is interested in studies of deviance in online environments, I could probably make an interesting case study...or maybe I could just make up weird stuff for attention, who knows.

I've got a umm, soft spot for redheads, yeah, that's it, riiighhtt. Oh, and brunettes, blondes..umm, forget it, all the Frag Dolls are awesome. But, it's my article dangit, and for my money - Rhoulette is StillPlaysVideoGames: CyberGeek Hottie of the Week!


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  2. Thank you Antonio, I'm "fairly" certain, my Portuguese is not very good..at all.

  3. sundcarrie Says:
  4. Okay I have to admit she is hot but since I am a happily married woman (married to a man) I don't think that is saying much. I love that she has found such an interesting way to study in her given career. I bet you there is not a boring minute.


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