Daniel Eindhoven, in the annals of home coilgun research, he's definitely left a mark. I mean, really, this thing could leave a serious mark, if you got in it's way.
Personally, I'm saving aluminum cans and building a backyard kiln to make Al slugs for my own project right now, but this guy, the sheer "looks" of this project could knock you over...
What really impressed me was the fact that this is a single-stage coilgun, as you can see from the video. Multiple coils, to be general, speed up the projectile. This one does amazingly well with only one coil...and only four AA batteries make her portable, sheer awesomeness.
Hat's off to ya mate, now, one I know the aliens are starting up with their probing again, I've got your coilgun and my Alien Altoids to fall back on!


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