If you enjoy beta-testing (and the goodies that usually go along with the privilege) then take a look at MechDuels.

This is the latest offering from Challenge Games, which incidentally, I have mentioned before with their flagship game Duels.

What isn't to like about a game that costs nothing to play and sets you off with those three words? Based on impressions of the other releases from Challenge Games, MechDuels is going to be fun, easy on your time, and suitable for a wide range of age groups and committment levels.

The Beta allows you to begin with two "Mech Chasis", the Jaguar and your weapon, the Stratus Laser. You're given the opportunity of designing your own avatar, your Commander persona, from a variety of human choices with the usual accoutrements allowing you to choose from pre-set weapons, hair, backgrounds, etc., to customize your own look.

Register yourself at Duels.com and you'll find the beta code for MechDuels on the front page of the website. Take the opportunity to check it out, get a headstart on the competition, help make a better game, and "probably" (based off personal past experience) get a benny for participating and helping to test.

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Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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  1. Jenny Says:
  2. Thanks for the mention! MechDuels is now out of beta and is waiting for y'all to build, deploy and destroy! www.mechduels.com

    Jenny/Challenge Games


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