Oh yeah, we've been just horribly, terribly, unforgivably not keeping up with our CyberGeek Hottie of the Week / Month / Whatever.

Geek Girl Diva to the rescue, as she puts up a cleavage shot for a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness.

It is terribly unfortunate that I couldn't make it to SDCC for their signing, and early on, I threatened GGD with being suckered into the spotlight of Hottie of the Week.

Now, without warning! She's it, *tag*.

(Though if I could still get her in a Star Trek skirt and draped across that Enterprise Captain's chair, well, the wife would shoot me, but might be worth the bullet) *wink wink nudge nudge*

Oh yes, and savethetatas.com, though tongue in cheek, is serious business, do check their site out, buy some merchandise, throw it on the bumper or whatever.

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