Hopefully, the above video will not be taken off of YouTube anytime soon. Comments have been disabled for the video directly on YouTube, but, all "three" of my readers (Hi Mom!) can comment here. Thank goodness for backups. Fair warning, if you haven't noticed already, it has absolutely nothing to do with, directly, our usual geeky fare of video games, etc.

The video does however, touch directly on the area of free speech and the effort being made by some to stem it when it goes against their ideology.

I believe, that free speech is a non-partisan aspect of the United States, after all, it is a part of the Constitution.

Sitting here, before I wrote this, I wanted to have my facts entirely straight concerning the officer featured prominently in the video. We telephoned the Baton Rouge Police Department, were given a direct number to the Sergeant in charge of "Media Relations" and unfortunately had to leave a message. In the message, we gave, as best we could, the link for the video and the request for the officers name to go along with our article, and precisely what statutes and authority (because we're certainly not going to second guess) the officer had utilized to contravene the Bill of Rights.

Large organizations, whether they be the MPAA, RIAA, (which we have frequently discussed here) MediaSentry, or non-governmental organizations like ACORN (with budgets of 100 million US$ annually) need to not believe they can trample upon the rights of every US citizen.

MediaSentry, specifically, gathers information without the license of the Private Protective Bureaus of several states. We should know, they've been blocked by our computers, but they often knock.

The RIAA employed MediaSentry in their anti-piracy efforts, then smartly canned them. We're pretty sure where we know the MPAA sits on suing people for 675,000 US$ at a pop, that's a matter of public record.

We're certain, that at some point along the line, we'll be labeled as "Right Wing Extremists" and totted up with others on some half-secret tax payer sponsored government report. Cool beans if we do.

We'll remain there, until the Constitution is treated with the respect it deserves or an ammendment is made banning free speech. When that happens our IP will be coming from somewhere else.

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Friday, September 18, 2009


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