If you've ever wondered what on earth makes your comp go more than a bit nuts sometimes, maybe you're infected with Nanovor.

That's definitely what Smith and Tinker want you to think, and now their commercials have hit Cartoon Network and the toys are flying off the shelves. A quick check at Amazon showed only three of one type left, and another sold out. Is a CN cartoon series far away, in the vein of Bakugan, Pokemon, Chaotic? We'll see, for now, there are nine small episodes on their website for you to check out.

Fan sites have mushroomed, a notable one being Nanovor101, with it's own forum for arranging trades, battles, and sharing evolution information.

So, we of course had to set up a "Guardian / Parent" account and throw the game to our test group of kids. They love the splatters, that was the second thing out of their mouths, right after, "Umm, gee, this is kinda slow, what's happening?"

That is the largest issue for Nanovor so far, either their infrastructure is really strained and showing it from a huge influx of players, or they're suffering from seriously poor planning, and that's showing in performance.

Special thanks go out to "pokemon37dmk", a Nanovor user that gave me a bit of help testing out some things, good luck in the game.

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Tuesday, September 8, 2009


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