Definition: Geek Girl - via Urban Dictionary

1) A girl who is interested in things considered geeky or nerdy by
mainstream society.

2) Usually refers to girls who are interested in computers,
and technology in general, can also be used for girls who do
things not considered "cool" by everyone else.

3) A compliment to girls who are proud to be geeks.

Personally, I hate being misunderstood and lumped into a category of male that I really don't intend to, nor feel I resemble; that being the single-minded mysogonist who can't look a girl in the face for probing her mammary glands with his eyes. (Entirely tongue in cheek, I'm more of a butt guy) (The puns just keep on coming don't they....)

So, once again, we are after our readers (all two of ya) to single out for us, the girls that you feel are the geekiest and sexy because of it. We want the gamers, the MENSA members, the Scrabble-playing up-all-nighters who keep a 20 sided die by the bed. If she's drop-dead gorgeous, well damnit, good for her! If she happens to be an astrophysicist that is a candidate for the Stephen Hawking Club for Men...tell us why she needs to be our CyberGeek Hottie of the Week and she's in. (No offense Steve, rightly you're an icon and thus open to abuse)

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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