Swag = Samples, Wearable, & Gifts; Just in case you ever wanted to know where the term swag came from. Swag being any of the giveaway stuff from vendors or promotions, like the blue condoms given out before the opening of the movie Watchmen. One of my personal all-time favorites and pretty hard to find now. The collectibality of various swag type items varies, doesn't anything collectible, but, generally, the rarer the better.

Being the dorkish dorkity dorks (aka geeks) that we are here, we're sincerely looking forward to San Diego ComiCon 2009. Not able to physically go ( hey, I'm semi-retired for a reason :P ), we've decided to put together a top-ten list of "Wow, gotta meet that guy/gal or have that" from SDCC '09. Now, we really couldn't decide what order to put these into, EVERYTHING at SDCC '09 deserves a mention, but these are the things, people and panels we chose and in no particular order.

  • - In support of BBC AMERICA’s U.S. premiere of four Doctor Who Specials, the Doctor himself, David Tennant, will appear alongside writer/executive producer Russell T Davies at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. They will take part in a Doctor Who panel along with executive producer Julie Gardner and director Euros Lyn, moderated by Los Angeles Times television critic, Robert Lloyd on Sunday July 26, 10:00-11:00am PT. If you can get into this panel, do, seeing David Tenant on The Graham Norton Show before the beginning of last season really put him into the one of the coolest sci-fi guys ever categories. Probably my favorite Doctor alongside Tom Baker.
  • - Promoting USA's Burn Notice, Bruce Campbell (and other cast members) will be there. Ok, credit to the other cast members, but Dammit, Jim, it's Bruce "Don't call me Ash" Campbell. Hell, that's worth a ticket to the left coast. Thursday, July 23, 2009 is the date for the panel. Oh, and don't forget that everyone needs one of these:
  • - Friday, July 24 an appearance by Todd McFarlane - 5:30pm-7:00pm. If you're reading this and you don't know who the creator of Spawn is, and a singularly great comic artist, sign up for a frontal lube job and lobotomy, stat.

  • - It's hopeless to see everything cool, fantastic and geekworthy; however you can grab a peek at Stan "The Man" Lee and the decidedly less manly (thank god), Natasha Henstridge on Thursday, 12:45-1:45 for a Q&A on Disney: Stan Lee’s Time Jumper.
  • -The flip-book issue of AGON and MERC, from Zenescope, contains 28 pages of story and will retail at a $2.99 price point but will be available at Zenescope booth #2707 for just $1 during the convention weekend. The Grimm Fairy Tales #40 convention exclusive is a limited edition issue and will also be available at booth 2707 while it lasts. Grab this people, you'll be glad you did.

  • And, the last (5th if you counted) listing for part one of the "Ten Things that Geek Us Out" for SDCC '09 is:- HotForWords.com's Marina Orlova, if you missed her being our Hottie of the Week, last week, or simply have no idea who she is, add to your lobotomy with an exorcism of whatever demon plagues your remaining brain, ya need help.

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