Who really knows what a philologist was, or cared, until mid-2007? Well, thanks to HotForWords, aka Marina Orlova we care, often, sometimes obsessively. This young lady has gone from YouTube guru to having her own website with over 400 videos on tap.

That's a viable move, since we've all noticed their trend making changes in advertising and services to get into the black financially.

Take a look at some of Marina's comments that often lead to full blown opinion (and educated opinion at that) pieces on everything from YouTube's possible direction, the "non"-election in Iran, Twitter's social media moves, you name it. Believe me on this one, Marina listens and interacts with her fans. She takes their discussions, begun often about her latest video, and pushes them into areas that most of the internet is sadly lacking in, the area of actual discourse and substance.

Some of you are thinking, "Yeah, right, that's like saying you read men's magazines for the articles." To this, I reply, "Brains and being a gorgeous woman are not mutually exclusive, Marina Orlova, for example, is both."

Quite a few viewers probably could close their eyes and get lost in her voice, thankfully, we have her stunning smile as well. Umm, yes, smile, that's precisely what I was thinking of...honest. /halo I highly recommend checking out the above video here...it's more fulfilling.

If anyone is headed to the left coast for the SDCC, tell Marina I said "Hi", and steal her autograph for me. She'll be at ComicCom for an appearance and signing on Saturday, Jul 25, from 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm.

Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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