Personally (might get flamed for this one) if Hip-Hop fell off the planet tomorrow, I'd be cool with that, it's just not my thing. However, I can and do appreciate that most of the artists involved are genuinely talented (or I'd be making my dole that way too).

Hip-Hop was never, and still isn't taken seriously..enter making money. Ahha, now you're a legitimate business / art / whatever and litigation happy America jumps in.

This film looks promising, really does, give the preview a whirl and sound off :)

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What promises to be a superb documentary on musical sampling, copyright law and their effects on creativity will see its official launch in January 2010. No harm in taking an early preview though.

Copyright Criminals: This Is a Sampling Sport is an upcoming documentary which examines the creative and commercial aspects of musical sampling, and I am personally really looking forward to this one.

A major component of the documentary is the effect copyright law has on creativity and, of course, how good old-fashioned greed and money come into play. If you happen to like hip-hop too, thats a real bonus, but not a necessity by any means.

The documentary will ask a critical question:

Is it possible to own a sound?

Copyright Criminals will have a general release in January 2010, but an early free preview is available if you’re near The Rotunda (40th and Walnut) in Philadelphia this upcoming Tuesday October 20th at 19:00.

Courtesy of enigmax @ Freakbits! Thanks guys!

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