Galactic Heroes, I love'em, they're cool. They're tiny, they're tooney, and well, they're just a little looney....etc, etc. (Sorry Warner, et al.)

Of the Galactic Heroes, anything Fett or remotely Bounty Hunter related is smoking hot and one's headed for the desk and another for the "Closet of Wonders" where we hide all of our goodies that we one day will get graded and then sell for millions on eBay for huge cash to send the kid off to college in style.

That said, seeing this little number at Entertainment Earth got me hopping.

You get a little "Han in Carbonite", you can never have too many of those catching dust around your house, a "galactically deformed" Slave I, and...the man himself, Boba Fett - most notorious Bounty Hunter (despite what Cad Bane says) in the galaxy.

Of course, the problem with this little bit of plastic fun, like all of them, is we'll need two, one to keep hermetically sealed in a tomb of inert gas behind UV blocking bulletproof glass that has and will never be removed from the box....and another that will catch dust with the other Fett stuff scattered around my desk. Oh...the joys of collecting toys :)

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Posted by Erelas RyAlcar Monday, October 5, 2009


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